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BACKSTAGE- Sessão Mariana Spencer

Atualizado: Mai 28

Due to the model fulfilling professional goals and the end result, this was one of my favourite sessions to shoot.

Mariana Spencer is the model’s name, she travelled all the way from Lisbon to the Algarve for this photo session to happen.

It all started at approximately 4:30 AM...

After a hard day’s work, she got into the bus that said “Faro” in search of the unknown. Yes, “the unknown” because this was the first time we would ever see each other face to face. She got to Faro at 4:30 AM and there I was, waiting for her, anxious to meet her and to see how the next day would go (the day of the shoot).

At the break of dawn, we had scheduled to meet Adriana Reis (makeup artist) and Ricardo Belela (photographer) near the studio. Since lack of time was a concern of ours, we had to manage it carefully to get the most out of the day.

After makeup was done, we started the shoot in a relaxed way (joking around) in order to break the ice and lower nervousness. When this was done, we moved on to the next step: shooting Mariana in the clothes we had previously picked out for the first part of the day and putting the whole lighting set together.

Time flew by, next thing you know it was 1:30 PM, time to take a lunch break.

The session’s next step consisted of a project I’d been developing in which the photography style was “Beauty”. We all got together to figure out the most appropriate makeup and we decided to use a toothbrush to splash colours around the model’s left eye.

From there on, we put together a different lighting scheme to match the photography style and we started shooting, since there already was a greater connection between photographer and model.

After multiple serious and laughing moments, the day was coming to an end and we were exhausted, but happy and proud of the end result.

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